Lumberjacked Pre-Workout Supplement Review

I've always thought it to be a good idea to mix up my preworkout choices from time to time. However, when I find one that really gives me an awesome push, I stick with it for a few refills until I become immune to it. Lumberjacked was unfortunately not one of those repeat purchases.


COST - 7

At a little over $1 per serving, this 30-serving container weighs in right around all the rest as far as cost. The advertised servings per container seems exactly right, if not under estimated. I am around 15 servings in and there is still plenty left. This thing may make it to 35-40 servings, and I'm a overfill-the-scoop kind of guy.



The only flavor available in this supplement from Kodiak Supplements is Pink Lemonade. As someone who isn't a big fan of any color lemonade, it wasn't terrible. It really only had an aftertaste of pink lemonade, which I personally didn't enjoy too much, but it wasn't as overpowering as it could have been. Overall, the taste was subtle and easy to get down.



No complaints here! One scoop and about 8oz of water plus a little shake and this thing is perfectly mixed. No clumps and no sticking to the side of the bottle.



I like the tingle. I crave the tingle. Coming in at 3g of Beta Alanine per serving, it gave some tingle, but not as much as I like. This surprised me since my previous go-to preworkout only had 2.5g. That being said, the actual push it gave me was pretty good. I wasn't bouncing off the walls, but I was able to get that one or two extra reps each time.



The main complaints in this review are more personal than anything. If you enjoy pink lemonade, you'll enjoy this. Just don't expect a full-fledged sugary version of the drink. And if you're looking for a decent jumpstart to those 5:30am workouts with minimal tingle, this guy will do the trick. Be careful, though. Too much of this stuff and you'll turn into a true lumberjack like Shane.


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