Why are mountains so big?

Because they don't have any natural predators. Other than earthquakes, erosion... well... nevermind.


Why tri-blend shirts?

Because they are awesome! Way more awesome than those plain-jane cotton shirts. Not only are they soft like cotton (maybe even softer), but they are great for being active in as well (unlike cotton). Our tri-blend shirts are made up of 50% polyester (for resilience), 25% cotton (for comfort), 25% rayon (for stretch/shape).


What does "Fuelboard" mean?

When coming up with a new name for our community/site, we wanted a unique name that still was able to represent our community well. That's where "fuel" comes in. We all need to be fueled for our adventures and workouts, and we all get fueled from these activities. We also wanted a name that was hashtag friendly so our community could connect more easily through various social media networks. That's why we thought "board" was perfect. Not only does it represent communities/forums/etc., but also visual UI term which is used on many sites like Instagram when you use their search.


Where are prices of each product?

The prices are only located on their Redbubble page. Since we are using their service, it is difficult to show - depending on your location/country - the correct price in currency.


What's Redbubble?

Redbubble is a great service that allows us to easily create products that are created on demand. Having each product created after purchase only adds 1-3 days to when you get the product. This helps so we don't have to mass order products, and end up either being short on unexpected high-demand products, or ending up having a bunch of products left in backstock. Redbubble also makes it easy for us to ship worldwide and allow various ways to pay.