We're Fuelboard

Since 2012, we've been fueled by fitness and adventure. We're an independent clothing brand that focuses on offering high quality versatile gear, and motivational posters. We also write articles that are fitness and adventure related - from product reviews to how to pack for a portage trip.


What We Do

Minimal. Versatile. Quality.

We create quality products that are designed to inspire, motivate, be minimal, versatile, and durable. That's why we only offer clothing that features combinations of fabrics that preform well together. We also try to be as sustainable, socially responsible as we can with our products, and operations. A big part in our mission is to also give back, which is why we started Five For The Hive, where 5% of our sales goes to honey bee health research which helps save the bees, us, and the planet.


Our vision

Our vision is to keep on inspiring, and motivating everyone who does or who wants to live a fit and/or adventurous life. To set a strong standard for independent brands with high quality versatile products that are designed to last and be sustainable.